Evaluating Your Use of Technology

Write 1 page paper- Use the SAMR Model to explain of how I am integrating technology into my educational setting. I use Powerpoint and videos during lecture to support the book reading or lecture content from a different perspective, Canvas ( Learning Management System) YouTube, Ted Talks and, Doodle Polls, Kahoot ( to survey students about course content and proposed course offerings, course dates and times of instruction to best meet the needs of students.)

Include a description of how technology is helping accomplish goals and the mission in the educational setting you selected, and identify what potential technology could be utilized to lead to curriculum improvement and describe the potential barriers to effective use of technology. Cite evidence from the research to support your response.

Can also discuss-

Examine the impact of educational trends from the perspective of an educational system leader.
Evaluate the impact of education trends on schools and schooling from a broad leadership perspective (diversity, social justice/change, technology, globalization, etc.)
Identify barriers to effective use of technology based on research evidence

Attached : SAMR Model
Cheung, A. C., & Slavin, R. E. (2012). How features of educational technology applications affect student reading outcomes: A meta-analysis. Educational Research Review, 7(3), 198–215.

Henderson, S., & Yeow, J. (2012, January). iPad in education: A case study of iPad adoption and use in a primary school. In System Science (HICSS), 2012 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (pp. 78–87). Washington, DC: IEEE Computer Society.


Why School? TED ebook author rethinks education when information is everywhere.


Romrell, D., Kidder, L. C., & Wood, E. (2014). The SAMR Model as a framework for evaluating mLearning. Online Learning, 18(2), 1–15.