Payoneer Shenzhen Forum 2019

When done properly, marketing events turn into essential marketing channels. Marketing events serve as direct ways of forming new connections, providing learning opportunities, and creating memorable experiences for returning as well as potential customers. Different organizations use different event marketing strategies such as conferences, networking, seminar, trade shows, forums, and parties. Whichever strategy is used, marketing events remain the best for marketing your products or services.


For this paper, Payoneer Shenzhen Forum 2019, a roadshow event, is selected for analysis. Payoneer hosts various marketing events. For example, in 2018, it hosted various forums in 13 countries across the world (Steel, 2019). Payoneer is a platform that facilitates cross-border payment. It has a global customer base. With the vast opportunities brought by today’s interconnected world, Payoneer utilizes marketing events to scale the heights. The title of the Shenzhen marketing event 2019 was ‘smart sharing, global winning’ (Steel, 2019). Over 1,500 merchants attended the event. It also drew over 30 marketplaces from across the world. The forum covered various topics including management of international tax obligations and taking advantage of the growing Indian market. The marketing vent had engaging content all sizes of business.

Global giants such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon joined the event. Also, lading marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee attended the event (Steel, 2019). From the attendees, merchants were able to learn various insights on how to expand their businesses. Payoneer took advantage of the event to launch the Green Channel (Steel, 2019). The purpose of this Green Channel is creating a seamless onboarding experience for marketplaces as well as merchants. The service connects merchants with marketplaces in a safer manner. It utilizes Payoneer’s compliance capabilities and comprehensive fraud protection.