What are some prime reasons why people like to travel?

  1. What are some prime reasons why people like to travel? How can travel and tourism organizations bank on the fact that people like to travel? Give several examples.
  2. What would motivate you as a traveler on a vacation? Please explain by truly seeing a way of empathizing with a market segment that would visit perhaps specific areas, and how they can also be a possible list of motivators that can attract a large market.
  3. Let’s go ahead and assume the director of marketing role for a minute to discuss and analyze the following. If you were director of marketing for a tour company, what research would you wish accomplished regarding prospective tour customers? Why?
  4. In this discussion thread, begin by explaining the importance for travel professionals to understand different cultures, and how this knowledge can contribute to better sales of destinations.
  5. What attracts you as a tourist when it comes to a new culture? We should look at many variable s when answering this and also many other examples that we have perhaps gone through, as well as the fact that there has been situations where food or specific activities may also best represent this?
  6. Class, One of the ways, in my experience, is to connect with the culinary side of things, in terms of identifying the background of a culture. Have you traveled outside the US and have experienced this firsthand?