adult group home for mentally disabled (Business)

adult group home for mentally disabled (Business) in virginia
One of the most important competencies that the MBA program hopes to develop in its students is principle application skills; that is, to be able to understand foundational principles, theories, and concepts, and apply them to real-world business contexts. This assignment will provide you an opportunity to practice these skills as you will identify a production or service problem in your organization or that of a client; the problem must be real at the time you work on the assignment. You will write an analysis highlighting the specific production/service process challenge. It is critical that you include the company’s mission/vision statements as relate to the problem. The required outline of the paper shall follow: Introduction, Company Background (includes company’s mission and vision) , Production/Service process problem, Conceptual Framework (This is based on relevant concepts and principles covered in period 1, while may include period 2). Identify at least three OSCM principles and discuss each principle according to the existing literature only.), Current production method(s), Findings (analysis and solutions to the problem based on the OSCM framework), and Recommendations. These elements form as required sections in your paper. In the discussion of findings, include an analysis of the problem’s root causes and other issues relevant to the framework identified. Prepare your initial recommendations based on the findings. Your case must demonstrate knowledge and application of course content (OSCM concepts and principles) covered in Period 1, while Period 2 is also acceptable.

Format: This is a principle applications paper that targets a specific industry. Ten peer-reviewed references are required. The paper should be appropriately organized to clearly outline and describe the items mentioned above in the Content section, and should be 2000 words in length. Use the APA Writing style format. Double space is required. Jacobs & Chase, chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Operations Plan Template

Executive Summary

Introduction – brief background information; include vision and mission (state the purpose)

Product/Service Description

Location – include factors for selecting a specific location (with map if possible)

Cost Effective Production Method(s)

Facility Layout

Materials Requirement Planning (If services sector, you can use other services processes or planning tools such as work scheduling or job sequencing) a. Master production schedule
b. Bills of Materials
c. Lead Time for Components

Logistics and Supply Chain (Discuss the supply chain of a product or service from suppliers to end customers and a distribution process)

Quality control

Personnel and Organization Chart (Discuss briefly each personnel’s responsibilities)

Legal Requirements (If applicable)

Future Expansion


Latest revision commentThis project is written as a company analysis paper rather than a proposed operations plan for a proposed business. You selected an existing business, and not clear what is the expansion or new service to be offered as the focus of this operations plan. I conducted a recorded session and your peers have helpful questions as guides to this project. It is apparent that you missed out that helpful recording guide. Moreover, the template is also clear of what to expect from each section of the plan. However, your work still failed to reflect those expectations. For example, the section on Service Description is not discussed. This is an operations plan for a business and thus, service offerings are required and not a service problem. MRP is not fitting to this business. However, you still put MRP. The template indicates to use alternative options for service business. In fact, I sent out a template for this, and period 3 has also indicated the work schedule template to be used.
If you submitted a draft outline or learned from a value-added recording as your guide, these major errors could have been avoided. Your role in this business is not clear. That means you cannot use this for your capstone business plan.
You can refer to my comments inside via track changes for rooms of improvement.