International Human Rights Law – Polish minority in Belarus

I don’t have an exact research question yet but I will meet with my professor again next week to discuss it in more detail.
For now, it is very important that the paper is very human rights LAW heavy. Therefore I think the main body of the paper should address the various human rights violations of the Polish minority under Lukashenko such as restrictions in education, language, religion, expression, etc. And then examine the external influences and legal standards around it, such as the human rights treaties and covenants Belarus signed and ratified which have to do with those minority rights mentioned above and evaluate international reactions to the oppression of Polish minorities – such as what was the response of the UN, ICCPR, CoE, ICERD, CRC, DNLM, NGOs, Commissioner and Rapporteur reports etc, all that have to with human rights law with regard to the Polish minority. I presume the end goal of the paper is to evaluate if any of these international human rights approaches are in any way successful in improving the situation in Belarus or if not what could be changed to better defend human rights of the Polish minority there.
I will provide more and more updates and details as the paper comes along.
The professor also wants me to explicitly reference sources from our course readings so I will provide those as well (obviously only use those that are relevant and appropriate for the topic ; she just wants to make sure that what we do in class is also to some extent absorbed in the paper)
The citations should also be in legal format according to the Bluebook (you will find example when you just search ‘bluebook legal citations’)

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