3500 word Project plan The individual project of 3,500 words should follow the format of an expanded business plan. The word count does not include the appendices.
– You should include the following: 1) Executive Summary 2) Venture Overview 3) Financial Plan Overview 4) Business objectives 5) Source of competitive advantage 6) Critical risks/threats and opportunities 7) Market analysis (overview) 8) Competitor Analysis (overview) 9) Management Team 10) Key people and advisers 11) Operations plan 12) Funding Request
13) Exit Strategy
– Appendices: 13) Market Analysis (full) 14) Competitor Analysis (full) 15)Types of Customer 16) Types of Product and Service 17) Marketing and Promotion 18) Main Competitors 19) Key Suppliers
The detailed requirements are as the attached.

!! My team’s settled plan for this project is: Design a new service (afternoon tea)for the company Wittard of Chealsea, for the company only sell tea product (tea bags or can of tea etc.) for now. We plan to help them do afternoon tea service by selling customers desserts which contains Wittard’s own tea ingredients, and at the same time offering cup of tea. The form of its afternoon tea can refer to Patisserie Valerie. Wittard of Chealsea can open areas both inside and outside of the store, and customers can have seats in these two areas.

Remember do not put Porter’s Forces and PESTEL analysis inside the chart, and do not cover all these aspect. Just select the most important areas related to my project and write Porter’s and PESTEL like paragraphs.