Leonardo Da Vinci and his connection to the attribute of beauty

This is a final research paper for my Mathematics course. I want to talk about how is Leonardo Da Vinci related to beauty under philosophy, mathematics, science,…with the attribute of beneficial, which is one attribute of beauty when we discussed in class. Mainly, I just want this paper to be about how is Leonardo da Vinci’s works beauty and how could they be beneficial to humanity. I also want one of the source to be related to mathematics since this is a paper for a mathematics course. We discussed in class that Mona Lisa was possibly drawn with Fibonacci Number and Golden ratios, I hope you would include this into the paper as well. I have attached my project proposal, my introduction (you could change the introduction if needed because I feel like I didn’t state my thesis clearly enough) and a guideline to the project. I hope you will do a great job, thank you so much.