Homer and Euripides

Analytical Paper
Literature can often be used as a socializing force. That is, a society will often use a text to reinforce social attitudes, to teach youths, and sometimes to oppress people. Similarly, a text can often have a socializing effect without intending to do so. Keep in mind that the reinforcement of social or cultural attitudes may happen without governmental leaders, parents/families, or individuals realizing it. For this topic, you must at least two of our assigned texts and discuss the ways these texts reinforce or challenge ancient Greco-Roman attitudes, ideologies, taboos, morals, etc. Some things to consider:
• This topic will be easier if you choose your texts based on a similar theme. In other words, it will be very difficult to argue how Homer does X and Euripides does Y. Easier will be to show how Homer and Euripides both do Z. You are certainly not bound to Homer or Euripides.
• Themes of punishment, reward, success, and failure might be good places to look for your theme.
• Don’t forget to address the “why” behind this socializing in the texts you choose. Consider taking your argument beyond just what is reinforced, but why the writers might want to reinforce the issue.
• Don’t forget to craft a careful and specific thesis statement around which you build your argument. This essay is not a place simply to list similarities and differences between books. Examine the issue and provide analysis to prove your central argument.

12 pt. Times New Roman font
1” margins

Only reference literature:
“Lliad” and/or “Odyssey”