Does the Original Position help us to understand what justice requires?

Theoretical Essay Question:


Theoretical essays will be successful to the extent that they:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the course material.
  2. Clearly express an idea (or ideas) in the material.
  3. Present a well-reasoned argument relating to the idea(s) in the material.
  4. Critically evaluate the idea(s) in the material, as well as the author’s own argument.


Further Comments

  1. Think of your essay as an extended reading response. Identify a point, explain why it matters, introduce an objection/clarification/interesting application, then give a critical analysis of your contribution.
  2. Avoid doing research outside of the course materials. Use the optional readings to get a different perspective on an issue.
  3. This question is deliberately vague. You will need to use your analytic skills to make them more precise.

Word Count: 2000