Write a news story or an article covering an event that you went to at the school 



  • 3 pages
  • Double spaced
  • News story
  • Start with an anecdotal lead!!!! Followed by a quote and then a nut graph.
  • make sure to mention in your nut graph where and when the play was staged.
  • Do not do a summary lead.
  • A lead: generally the first paragraph and is written to provide a preview of the entire story. It summarizes the story and includes many of the basic facts. The lead will help readers decide if they want to read the rest of the story, or if they are satisfied knowing these details.
  • The article should not contain your opinions.
  • Use active voice—not passive voice—when possible
  • write in clear, short, direct sentences and paragraphs.
  • put the most interesting and newsworthy stuff at the top of your story, and the less interesting stuff lower down—no matter what order it occurs in.
  • Include plenty of direct quotes and when introducing a new quote start a new paragraph